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potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, unclog -

While often overlooked in the moment, a lot of waste, whether accidentally or deliberately, goes down the kitchen sink. This includes washed off food scraps, soap scum, oils being poured in, and other miscellaneous liquids. These are some of the factors that may have contributed to causing blockage within the pipes. Additionally, in the bathroom sink, things like dirt, hair, and soap scum again are also major culprits in causing blocked pipes. To avoid any future clogging, it is imperative to prevent any food waste from being disposed of in the sink. Scraping as much food waste in the bin...

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Graffiti within Australia is a problematic crime that affects business and homeowners financially. It is the act whereby an individual would "tag" a public object or building with a collective of words or symbols using either spray paint or markers to represents themselves. It is a costly crime and has many safety concerns for both the public and the vandal.  Within NSW alone, it costs an estimate of $300 million dollars annually to remove graffiti and repair surfaces damaged by it. Within Victoria, over 2 million square metres of graffiti have been removed since 2005, proving both costly and time-consuming. ...

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