A Clean Room.

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A Cause For Good is a plant-based
antibacterial aerosol fogger clinically proven to eradicate
over 99.9999% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This is
1000x stronger than most household disinfectants on the
market which have a kill rate of only 99.9%. ‘A clean
room.’ utilises a lock-down mechanism which can be
used to disinfect enclosed high traffic rooms.
This formulation has been granted authority, as a result of
stringent testing guidelines, to claim its effectiveness in
the treatment and prevention of the highly contagious
and potentially fatal human coronavirus, or COVID-19.
- Covers a room of up to 25 square metres
- Room only needs to be vacated for 10 minutes
- Continues disinfecting for up to 24 hours
- Piña Colada scented (acts as a natural deodorizer)
- 100% plant-based
Directions: Shake well before use. Close all doors and
windows. Place can in the middle of the room, ideally on
a surface one metre above the floor. Press down on the
nozzle to set it (position nozzle away from face). Can will
begin spraying before it locks. Once locked, entire
contents will release. Vacate the room for 10 minutes,
allowing the antibacterial to make contact with all
surfaces prior to settling without interruption.
Ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compound,
plant-based surfactant derived from coconut oil, mineral
salt solution (<1% sodium chlorite), fragrance (pineapple
and coconut extract), filtered water.
Propellant: Hydrocarbon (dimethyl ether)